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AK-47 is, as its name suggests, a CBD flower with intense effects and a strong taste. It is a Sativa-dominant flower with a strong relaxing effect for whoever consumes it. Winner many times at the Cannabis Cup, the reputation of this CBD flower is second to none.

Features of our AK-47 CBD
Its shape, first of all, surprises at first glance. She is very compact and her buds are rigid. Its trichomes and buds are numerous and very colorful with a dominant of orange and green tones. We would like to remind you, moreover, that despite powerful effects on the human body and its CB1 and CB2 receptors, our CBD flower AK-47 is perfectly legal since its THC level does not exceed 0.3% in accordance with the relevant European regulations.

Taste of AK-47 CBD
Beyond its particular appearance, it is its taste that we are going to focus on here. Characterized by its peppery and tangy notes, notes of mango will come to sprinkle the whole making each moment of tasting unique. This CBD flower is ideal for those who are curious and want to discover new things. We recommend, on the other hand, to consume this flower at the end of the day because after having consumed it you will have only one desire: SLEEP!

Why buy the AK47?
AK47 is a flower that will allow you to relax and it is particularly recommended for people suffering from insomnia or muscle pain. It effectively regulates your mood and enhances your sense of well-being.

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