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Amnesia Haze, powerful CBD flower, is one of the best known plants in Europe and in the world. The CBD sale of Amnesia Haze is perfectly legal in France, it has a high CBD content (25.7%) and maintains a lower THC level (-0.3%) than that imposed by European legislation for CBD. Consumers of this variety of cannabis therefore use it mainly for its virtues which have found their usefulness in the medical field. Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant plant, which allows you to get the cerebral high quite quickly.

Amnesia Haze is an aesthetic plant. She produces very beautiful flowers and has very compact buds. Her trichomes are so vibrant, they sometimes look bushy. Trichomes are the small vesicles found naturally on cannabis flowers. Amnesia Haze features beautiful green colored buds with orange colored pistils.
In terms of aroma and taste, we start with a very subtle blend. Amnesia Haze CBD 25.7% has a very intense fragrance. Its very powerful smell intoxicates you. It has a sweet spice aroma and taste with a cedar aftertaste. On consumption, we are marked by a peppery, fruity and tropical blend. We feel in final touch a taste of blueberry. Also discover Gelato CBD.

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