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Blue Dream is a cannabidiol strain grown indoors. At the CBD Shop, we cultivate it in this way in order to preserve its terpenes as much as possible (buds that give its color and taste to a CBD flower) from external aggressions, and guarantee you a very high quality product.

Blue Dream is a premium quality CBD flower, by growing it indoors we also limit its exposure to light and weather. Thus, we can ensure a high quality culture particularly followed by our partner hemp growers.

Characteristics of our Blue Dream CBD flower
The Blue Dream stands out as soon as the sachet is opened. In appearance, we immediately notice its green color and its few yellow trichomes. There is a flower with a very compact appearance and a pronounced smell of fruit. Red fruits and berries come in fact, intermingle with delicious pine notes that one feels from the opening of the sachet to the flavor in the mouth post-consumption, while passing through the pleasure in the mouth during the consumption.

Blue Dream is a flower with a moderate CBD content, but most aficionados of this flower do not consume it for these reasons. Blue Dream is indeed ideal to be consumed at any time of the day and it is so delicious that it will make you forget its moderate CBD content.

Blue Dream, the ideal flower for muscle relaxation and soothing pain
CBD Shop’s Blue Dream is a real concentrate of flavors but that’s not all. Indeed, with a moderate rate of CBD, it presents the necessary weapons to soothe you and this in a lasting way. With it, say goodbye to chronic and muscular pain and rediscover incredible feelings of well-being!

A CBD flower considered one of the best varieties available on the market
Not yet convinced that Blue Dream is the flower for you? Let yourself be tempted with an order of one gram or more and plan a tasting moment conducive to its consumption. No need to choose, this flower can be eaten both in the morning and in the evening, but we recommend, on the other hand, to consume it in the morning to enjoy its benefits throughout the day. Relax and savor a CBD flower with delicious notes that will convince you and you will have only one desire after discovering it: re-order it!


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