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Originally from California, Gorilla Glue arrived on the European market only a few years ago. From unknown, she became in a few years a star of the sale of CBD in France. So why is this CBD flower so special? What are its origins and what elements have made it what it is today?

A CBD flower created by accident
As so often in the world of cannabidiol, experiments are carried out in order to get the most out of each variety. Here we experimented with a cross between Chem Sister, Chocolate Diesel and Joesy Whales. The mix of these three varieties has generated a hybrid and balanced flower (Sativa Indica ratio 50/50) which presents an intense aroma.

Appearance and taste of our Gorilla Glue
In terms of appearance, we notice that Gorilla Glue has medium-sized, rather dense buds and has green and brown highlights. A fairly classic color for a CBD flower, but it is in terms of taste that it stands out. Its acidity and earthy notes make it a special variety that has earned it the nickname “Californian Beast” across the Atlantic.
In particular, Gorilla Glue has won numerous awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup as the best hybrid strain. In terms of taste, it was also awarded for its sweet citrus notes similar to Sour Diesel.

Powerful effects for an original CBD flower
Naturally rich in cannabinoids, Gorilla CBD provides powerful relaxing effects. However, thanks to its perfect balance between Sativa and Indica strains it will allow you to keep your concentration. On the one hand, the flower will have an impact on your muscular and chronic pain, stimulate your appetite and improve the quality of your sleep. On the other hand, it will ease your mind and create an effect of euphoria throughout your body to increase your feeling of well-being on a daily basis. If you are looking for a strain that is capable of relieving you on a daily basis, you will succumb to the charms of Gorilla.

Gorilla Glue, what are the benefits?
The benefits of Gorilla Glue are quite classic since it will act on the B1 and B2 receptors of the brain to promote your relaxation and soothe your pain. However, its Sativa/Indica balance will make this flower a flower of choice for anyone suffering from anxiety. With it, you will feel more confident and approach everyday life in a better way.
Beyond anxiety, it is also ideal for limiting the appearance of OCD (Obsessive Behavioral Disorders).

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