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Sativa or Indica, not sure what to choose? Hawaiian Skunk is here for you. This CBD flower will guarantee your well-being and allow you to stay in control. Rich in cannabidiol and low in THC (< 0.3% in accordance with European legislation), it is ideal for many consumers whether they are seasoned or not.

Appearance and origin of Hawaiian Skunk
Being developed from a Skunk, the Hawaiian may surprise at first sight because it presents beautiful orange colors and a strong smell of delicious exotic fruits. Powerful, this CBD flower is nonetheless pleasant to the taste since its fragrance will invade you and fill you with happiness as soon as you open the sachet.

This flower is grown by Shop du CBD in a greenhouse, which considerably reduces the impact of external dangers but also preserves all the aromas and flavors thanks to controlled exposure to light.
As for the buds, they are medium to large in size and have yellowish trichomes. In terms of the Sativa/Indica ratio, we highlight a ratio of 60/40, which indicates that this flower will mainly relax you but its Indica strain will act so that you remain focused even after consuming it.
So, after enjoying our Hawaiian, you will feel more relaxed and lighter but you can still continue your activity without any problem.

Why Buy Hawaiian Skunk CBD?
This cannabidiol flower is not only a pleasure in the mouth, it is also powerful in its effects. Highly dosed in CBD, this flower will have all the keys to soothe you and place you in a state of intense well-being without compromising your productivity. Thus, there is no ideal moment to consume this flower because a daytime consumption like nocturnal can be perfectly adapted.

Also, this flower by its soothing effect is ideal for people suffering from hyperactivity. Finally, even if the effects are strong and impact your B1 and B2 receptors, there is no addictive or psychotropic effect. So you can enjoy it with peace of mind!

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1 to 5 Grams