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The origins of this powerful CBD flower

A Sativa-dominant flower
Jack Herrer CBD, also called “Jack Horror” is a variety of CBD cannabis that stands out with a powerful “hit”, its slightly lemony taste but above all the energy boost it causes. In particular, she has been awarded numerous times at the cannabis cup.

A hybrid flower, the fruit of the crossing of 3 legendary varieties
This Jack Herrer comes straight from the Netherlands. Its creator, Jack Herrer, had the idea of combining three legendary varieties to design this premium CBD flower: Haze, Skunk and Northern Light. What result? A CBD flower with a delicious lemon aroma, powerful effects and a Sativa dominance that gives it deep relaxation. The Indica is still present in this hybrid CBD flower and will keep you awake for a whole day despite its powerful effects.

Benefits of Jack Herrer CBD

A variety with euphoric and surprising effects
Jack Herrer CBD is a premium CBD variety. Grown indoors, this flower causes many effects and thus contributes to:

Your well-being throughout the day: the presence of Indica, as in Amnesia Haze, will allow you to feel soothed but well and truly awake throughout the day.
Reduce anxiety and stress: thanks to the appeasement it causes, you will approach the day on the right foot and will easily face each situation.
Limit and reduce pain: Jack Herrer first presents itself with a powerful and surprising hit that generally causes euphoria. However, afterwards, it helps to alleviate chronic and muscular pain thanks to its high potency in CBD.

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