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The Skywalker is a CBD flower known internationally in particular for its mild and sweet taste. It is distinguished by sweet notes then at the end of the mouth, you will be able to note a scent of woody pine giving this flower a spicy character.

Skywalker CBD: origin, characteristics…
The Skywalker CBD is a cousin of the classic Skywalker from which it borrows its aromas. We find subtle and complex aromas combining sweetness and spices. It is an Indica-dominant flower, which indicates that it is a CBD flower that will relax you in a long-lasting way while promoting your creativity. This will allow you to continue all your post-consumer activities.
Our Skywalker flower is grown in a greenhouse, which limits external aggressions and presents a flower with interesting characteristics. Indeed, beyond its delicious taste, this flower has the merit of being rich in CBD which is an advantage for its consumer.

Who is this CBD flower intended for?
Unlike many CBD flowers that will go hand-in-hand on particular themes, our Skywalker can be useful on all counts. Whether you are anxious, stressed or even having difficulty getting restorative sleep, it will act and soothe you thanks to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.
Thus, it is a flower that adapts to any type of consumption even if we recommend consumption at the end of the day because of its relaxing effects and its action on sleep.

All CBD flowers and other cannabidiol products sold on our site are perfectly legal and have a THC level of less than 0.3%, are non-addictive and do not show psychotropic effects.

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