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Super Cheese Outdoor is, as the name suggests, an outdoor-grown CBD strain with a strong cheesy taste. Made from a Skunk, it takes on its spicy and spicy side.

Super Cheese Outdoor CBD: appearance, taste, benefits
Cheese has the particularity of being grown outdoors. We produce it outdoors in order to allow the flavors to develop as much as possible but also to obtain a high level of humidity to bring roundness to the product.
Our CBD flower presents itself through small buds with green and orange trichomes. These buds are sparse and the buds are medium to small in size. The smell of cheese is very present, but there are also other complex aromas that sprinkle the whole thing, making your consumption unique.

Why choose the Cheese Outdoor?
Opting for Cheese is above all making an economical choice: with prices starting at €3 per gram, you get a quality CBD flower at a very affordable price. Cheese Outdoor is part of our “cheap CBD” range along with Cannatonic, Strawberry Sugar and Skittles.
Unique flavors: a good taste of aged cheese is the characteristic of this CBD flower.
Quality above all: with a choice of 10 to 50 grams, the moments of relaxation to be offered to you will be numerous.

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10 Grams