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Super Skunk CBD is a true star of the CBD world. Winner of a prize at the Cannabis Cup, its Indica dominance makes it a highly appreciated flower for its relaxing effects. Faced with chronic pain, this is the one to choose!

Origin of this CBD flower
Super Skunk is a flower of Afghan origin resulting from the cross between Skunk #1 and hash. Composed mainly of Indica (ratio of 80/20) it generates a feeling of relaxation for the consumer. Its buds are green but some have found hints of brown.

Aroma and flavor of Skunk CBD
Like Skunk #1, Super Skunk has a strong and pungent aroma. This is followed by an intense woody fragrance and assertive notes of pine. Thus, it is a cocktail of bitter flavors that awaits you with this unique CBD flower.

3 reasons to buy Super Skunk:
Super Skunk is an ideal strain for relieving chronic and muscle pain.
The fruit of the best of both worlds: CBD flowers and resins.
A powerful variety, highly appreciated by our customers and whose reputation is second to none.

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